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We have a dedicated in-house support team ready to help with all your enquiries on any of our products.

  •          Application & Services - All products in our RemitONE suite.
  •          Accounts & Billing - Get help with your accounts, subscriptions and payments.

Our technical support team are readily available to help with all your Money Transfer Engine (MTE) related issues and enquiries. They can be reached via the following contact:

Online Helpdesk:

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8099 5795

Telephone support is provided to customers on Professional & Enterprise Editions only, please consult your agreement if you are unsure if you qualify for telephone support.



What Is Intercom?

Intercom is a live/support chat provider that adds chat options with support people. It connects you to support employees from your app (ORM/Flutter app). To add this to ORM/Flutter app first you will need to open up an account with intercom. After getting an account you will need the below credentials to integrate it with ORM/Flutter app 

1. Android API Key - keys for enabling intercom on andorid app

2. IOS Api Key - keys for enabling intercom on ios app

3. App Id - required for both android and ios. If you are enabling intercom on web only you will require only the app id

How to add on ORM?

To add intercom on orm you only need to add the below config in config_3rdparty.json

"enabled": true,
"provider": "intercom", // name of the provider - for now only intercom is supported
"provider_configs": {
"intercom": { // if porvider is set to intercom there should be one part in here for same provider name. like you see here
"defaultAppId": "<app-id>", // replace with app id from interocm
"agents": {
"00001": {
"appId": "<app-id>" // only required if multi-orm enabled. replace with app id from other clients

For Multi ORM

If multi orm is enabled and you have different app-id for each of the agents add aditional configs for each of the agenst like below.

"agents": {
"00001": { // this represents agent-name/agent-id
"appId": "<app-id>" // only required if multi-orm enabled. replace with app id from other clients

After adding the appropriate configs just do a config update like

php bin/console scripts:config-update

How to add on Flutter App

To add intercom on flutter app add the below configs on build_config.txt

SUPPORT_CHAT_PROVIDER=intercom // provider name. only intercom is supported for now
INTERCOM_APP_ID=<app-id> // replace with app id
INTERCOM_ANDROID_API_KEY=<andorid-api-key> //replace with andorid api key
INTERCOM_IOS_API_KEY=<ios-api-key> // replace with iso api key

with this configs do the build you should see trigger points for chat on

1. sign in page right after forgot password
2. on dashboard top right corner
3. on more tab right after contact us

This article (attachment) explains in depth how our billing function operates and to give examples of how transaction and support incident costs are calculated, our customisation (bespoke development) payment and delivery process and how we allocate your payments made to us. The final sections cover how and when we send out reminders, suspension of service (due to non-payment), late payment fees, disputed items and VAT charges.

Please read this article carefully. If you have any questions regarding this article or your business circumstances please feel free to contact

To make any fields display or required based on your own needs please follow the information below.

Go to the ARM > Settings > System Configuration Settings > Configuration Classification : UI > Expand "Field Settings"

Just a little recap about the configuration UI settings -

1- the whole system looks at  This includes the ARM, ORM and RWS.

2- The ORM and RWS then look at for any overrides. If you change anything in point 1 and it doesn't reflect on the apps/ORM then you will need to change it here as well.

3- For any country overrides you will need to add them to . "Country Name-Destination" for the ARM , "ORM-Country Name-Destination" for the the ORM/apps. "Country Name" for the source country. "Country Name" will be the exact spelling you use for said country in the Destination/Source country list.


Please see the information below about the fields:

a- If a field starts with "remitter.registered" then this is for the remitter profile with registration type "Registered". For Edit and Create remitter page.

b- If a field starts with "remitter.basicregistered" then this is for the remitter profile with registration type "Basic registered". For Edit and Create remitter page.

c- If a field starts with "benef" then this is for the beneficiary profile (create and edit page).

d- If a field starts with "trans_new" then it is for the transaction creation page.

e- If a field starts with "trans_payout" then it is for the transaction payout screen (when the bank pays out the transaction).

If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Dear RemitONE customer, let us know how we can help support you with your platform! Best wishes, Reza.

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